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If you or someone you love has had a warrant of any kind issued in Los Angeles for their arrest, it is a very serious matter and in your best interests to have an experienced Los Angeles arrest warrant lawyer helping you. A bench warrant attorney like Simon Aval knows how stressful and confusing a warrant can be and will work for you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In the State of California, both arrest warrants and bench warrants are ordered from a judge or court. Both types of warrants can be issued by the state or federal officials and are executed by law enforcement officials.

  • Arrest warrants—If law enforcement officials have reason to believe a criminal act has occurred or a grand jury has issued an indictment, an arrest warrant will be issued for that person’s arrest and detention. Generally speaking, the person named in the arrest warrant is unaware that a warrant has been issued in his or her name until arrested.
  • Bench warrants—A bench warrant calls for the immediate arrest of someone. In California, bench warrants are usually issued for failing to appear in court when summoned to do so and are far more common than arrest warrants

Once a bench warrant has been issued by a judge, the following events occur:

  • The judge will set a bail amount ranging from $2500 up to $1 million depending on the severity of an alleged crime.
  • The bench warrant is entered into the Department of Justice’s national database shared by all law enforcement agencies.
  • If law enforcement officials run your identification for a routine check for any reason, they will discover the warrant and are required by law to arrest you.
  • You will be brought before a judge on the charges which caused the warrant to be issued.
  • Bench warrant information is shared with the Department of Motor Vehicles which will suspend your license until the warrant has been recalled.

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