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In California, probation violations are a very serious matter. If you have been charged with violating your probation, you could face jail time, community service, mandatory counseling, drug and alcohol testing and other conditions determined by a judge. You could lose your job, your freedom and your visitation rights. You could also be prevented from certain types of employment. If you or someone you love has been charged with a probation violation Los Angeles County, you need the legal counsel and representation of an experienced probation violation lawyer.

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For over 15 years, Simon Aval has been representing and helping people charged with probation violations. Mr. Aval has the experience, resources, knowledge and dedication to defend clients against charges of probation violation:

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Under California law, probation laws are applied differently according to the type of probation that has been given. Probation usually lasts for three years but may last as long as five years. It is divided into two different categories:

Formal probation (supervised probation)—this type of probation requires the defendant to regularly meet with a probation officer who has been assigned to his or her case.
Informal probation (also known as summary probation or court probation)—this type(s) of probation is less severe and requires the defendant to stay out of trouble and adhere to the specific probation terms of his or her sentence.

If defendants violate the terms of their probations, warrant are usually issued for their arrest. Then, they will likely receive a court order to appear at a probation violation hearing. During this hearing, the judge and the prosecutor weigh a number of factors to determine the severity of the probation violation. Defendants may face additional jail time.

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