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Theft crimes are defined under California law by the amount of loss and the manner in which the property was taken. While some California theft crimes may be considered misdemeanors, the majorities are considered serious enough to be charged as felonies.

A male car thief uses a flat metal lock pick to break into a veh

If you or a loved one is facing a charge of any type of theft crime, you need to consult an experienced Los Angeles grand theft defense lawyer to fight for you. For over fifteen years, Simon M. Aval has been providing the highest level and exceptional legal defense for individuals who have been accused or are under investigation for a theft crime.

What Is a Grand Theft?

California Penal Code § 487(a) defines grand theft as the illegal taking of another person’s property that is valued more than $950. Grand theft may be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. The prosecutor may look at certain factors to determine how to file a charge of grand theft, including:

  • Criminal history of the accused
  • The value of the item taken
  • Whether a weapon was used during the course of the crime
  • The criminal sophistication necessary to commit the offense

In short, the more serious the crime, the more likely that the prosecutor will charge the grand theft as a felony. In certain cases, the prosecutor may not consider the value of the property taken and charge the crime as a felony. Examples include:

  • If the item taken was a firearm, known as a Grand Theft Firearm
  • If the item was an automobile, known as a Grand Theft Auto
  • If the item was a certain type of an animal, such as a horse
  • If the item was a certain type of farm product, such as avocadoes
  • If the item was taken when personally carried or possessed by another individual, known as Grand Theft Person.

Defenses to a California Grand Theft

In order to put up the best fight to avoid the serious penalties of a grand theft, it is important to consult a Los Angeles grand theft defense attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable and has the resources to provide the best defense for the charges brought against you.

Common defenses to a California grand theft charge include:

  • There was a right of return of the property taken (only if the property that you took rightfully belonged to you)
  • There was a lack of intent to take the property
  • There was an error or mistake in taking the property

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